About Me

I’ve been an esthetician in the north end of Boston for 16 years. I love connecting with people and I think that skincare should be fun! My hope is that every client that enters my treatment room feels instantly comfortable and at ease.

All of my treatments are results-driven and I love being creative with them! Each will begin with a thorough consultation, and every experience with me is 100% customized to align with your goals and your skins current condition and health.

I have a love (obsession?) of skincare research – which for the client means that if I don’t have an answer, I will find one; and if I don’t carry an at-home product appropriate for your specific needs, I will search for what you need & where you can obtain it.

I have loved shaping brows since day one, and many of my brow clients have been with me my whole career! I am also a girl who LOVES body waxing-and I know how to get the job done fast. If you want your hair removed fast and painless, I have you covered. I have been highly recommended for years as an expert waxer along with my skincare credentials.

I am proud to announce that I won Boston’s Best Waxing for 2018 from the Improper Bostonian.